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Murray Professional Painting a 5 Star Happy Client 
All the Systems: Over $4,500 Value

How to Do Facebook Marketing: Everything Facebook Training! Over 16 hours of training $1,597 Value
Private Facebook Group: Ask questions and get help from other contractors growing their business. $Priceless
Google Business Profile: How to setup and run GBP so that you show up in the top 3 of Google Maps. $697 Value
How to Use Google Adwords: How to setup and run Google Ads. $497 Value
How to Hire and Train Outstanding Employees: $397 Value
How to Answer Incoming Leads So You Don’t Waste Time and Close More Sales: $497 Value
How to Get Video Testimonials From Every Client: $697 Value (These videos are truly priceless)
Plus A lot more, Total Value is Over $4,500
Our gift to you EVERYTHING… Only $397
Dwight Neilsen a 5 Star Happy Client 
JB from Taylor Painting and Refinishing a 5 Star Happy Client 
 Sheila a Happy Cabinet Refinishing Contractor
Anthony from Sunshine Design and Build a 5 Star Happy Client 

Are you the next Bob Vila?

Don’t act like you don’t remember him 😊

One of the fastest ways to dominate your trade,
in your area is to be like Bob.

Learn to become the Guru in your Trade, in Your Area.

The quickest way to do that is by working with me where I share everything I’ve learned in construction since 1984.

We have put together a membership program that will allow me to be your business coach for pennies on the dollar.

Plus, give you access to our training videos in an easy to find and follow private membership website and PDF cheat sheets for each video.

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Everything Facebook Training! Over 16 hours of training. Value: $1,597  
Private FB group: Master Your Business
Value: $$$ Priceless

Access to our closed and private Facebook group “Master Your Business” where you can meet and learn from other contractors that are dealing with and going through the same struggles and challenges you are.

The same ones I’ve been through.

I’m on there giving advice and answer questions daily.

Here are a few of the training videos in the Private Membership Area

How to set up and run Google My Business:
Value $697
When someone Googles your trade or service normally the first 3 things
they see are ads.
(You should be one of those ads. More on that in another video)

The next thing they see is Google Business. It used to be Google Places, then Google Maps, then Google+, then Google Local.

Now its Google Business/Maps and Google is investing billions of dollars
and time into it.

It’s honestly the only way for you to be found on the first page of Google.

When your client is on Google searching for your trade or services after GMB the next thing they normally see is HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Thumbtack and a few other HUGE companies that sell leads to contractors

If you are not running your own Google Ads (and you should be) the only way to get on the front page is GMB

In this video we walk you through everything you need to do every day to stay in the 3-Pack, the top three companies inside GMB
How to run your own Google Ads:
Value $497
The only marketing I have done since 2004 is Google AdWords,
(Now Google Ads)

Whether you like Google or not over 90% of searches are done there.
When a new client is searching for your trade or services you need to be there.

Google is why HomeAdvisor and the other huge companies can charge contractors outrageous prices for new leads.

Don’t pay them. Pay Google. It will be a fraction of the price and it will be your company that new clients get to see on Google, not Angie’s List.
In this video we walk you through how to set up and run your own Google Ads.
How to Hire and train Outstanding Employees:
Value $397.
The second most important part of your business is your employees.

Without them you don’t have a business, you have a job.

Employees will only be as great as you train them to be.

It’s important that you learn to write ads that attract the best applicants.

Then for the best results and to cut down on wasting time, you need a system to weed through them.

Once you hire them you need a system to teach and train them.

In this video we share with you a few systems to hire and train outstanding employees.

We give you a templet for writing great ads and a cheat sheet for you to copy
How to answer incoming leads so you don't waste time with tire-kickers:
Value $497
Once you get your Google My Business up and going and you are running ads and have leads coming in consistently you need a system for answering leads.

You can do it over the phone, with text or even email, but you need a set of questions you ask and a set of things the homeowner needs to do before
you move forward.

Once the homeowner takes a few action steps you are able to give them a price without leaving your office.

If your price is out of their budget there is no need to waste time going any further.
In this video we share a system that you will be able to teach anyone to do, you will be able to weed out the homeowners that can’t afford you, or the ones who aren’t ready to move forward.

Stop wasting time with people that can’t afford your services.
How to Get Video Testimonials From Every Client:
Value $697 …. Really this video is priceless
There is no easier way to presale a new client than video testimonials
from past clients.

If there was one magic bullet to growing your business fast, I would say it’s
video testimonials.

I assume the reason every contractor doesn’t have hundreds of video testimonials is that they aren’t that easy to get. At least not in the beginning.

In this video we teach you the system for getting video testimonials
from almost every client.

Every video comes with an easy-to-follow timeline
to make finding what you need easy.

But wait, there’s more, a lot more!

My favorite and what I feel is the most important.
Personal Development- Master Your Mindset:

In 2000 I sold my first company and started traveling the country teaching my program Mental Martial Arts. A personal development program I spent 10 years putting together.

Personal Development is the missing key. As my friend and mentor 
Jim Rohn says “If you work on your job you make a living, if you work on yourself,
you make a fortune”

The more you change the more things will change for you. As you get better everything in your life and business will get better.

We are giving you my program:
21 DAY MENTAL DIET ~ Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind. An Inside Look At The Outside You!

Value $197

You also get our: Uncut Tele~Seminars 8 different seminars for you to listen to that will keep you motivated and inspired

Set 1: >You Are A Hero >Wring Life Out >Re-Energize Your Dreams >Anything You Want, 8 Steps to Achieve
Value $97
Set 2: >How Bad Do You Want it? >What’s The IT In Your Life? >Mental Martial Arts! >As A Man Thinketh!
Value $97

What does this Private Membership get you?

We are giving you the live recorded program: A Night of Motivation and Inspiration. Value $25
The first 20 minutes is me, and the next 30 minutes is my friend and mentor
Les Brown
We will continue to update and add new content and training videos as we produce them

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